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Chapter 12: Static Equilibrium and Elasticity

Physics For Scientists & Engineers
Pages: 363 - 387

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11 Questions for Chapter 12: Static Equilibrium and Elasticity

  1. Found on Page 381
  2. A uniform plank of length 2.00 m and mass 30.0 kg is supported by three ropes as indicated by the blue vectors in Figure P12.25. Find the tension in each rope when a 700-N person is d=0.500mfrom the left end.

    Found on Page 382
  3. A steel wire of diameter 1 mm can support a tension of 0.2 kN. A steel cable to support a tension of 20 kN should have diameter of what order of magnitude?

    Found on Page 382
  4. The deepest point in the ocean is in the Mariana Trench, about 11 km deep, in the Pacific. The pressure at this depth is huge, about 1.13 3 108 N/m2.

    Found on Page 383
  5. Assume if the shear stress in steel exceeds about 4.00×108N/m2, the steel ruptures. Determine the shearing force necessary to (a) shear a steel bolt 1.00cm in diameter and (b) punch a 1.00cm diameter hole in a steel plate thick.

    Found on Page 383
  6. When water freezes, it expands by about 9.00%.What pressure increase would occur inside your automobile engine block if the water in it froze? (The bulk modulus of ice is2.00×109N/m2.)

    Found on Page 382
  7. In the cabin of a ship, a soda can rests in a saucer-shaped indentation in a built-in counter. The can tilts as the ship slowly rolls. In which case is the can most stable against tipping over? (a) It is most stable when it is full. (b) It is most stable when it is half full. (c) It is most stable when it is empty. (d) It is most stable in two of these cases. (e) It is equally stable in all cases.

    Found on Page 384
  8. One side of a plant shelf is supported by a bracket mounted on a vertical wall by a single screw as shown in Figure P12.55. Ignore the weight of the bracket.

    Found on Page 383
  9. A stepladder of negligible weight is constructed as shown in Figure P12.56, with A C=B C= . A painter of mass m stands on the ladder a distance d from the bottom. Assuming the floor is frictionless, find

    Found on Page 385
  10. (a) Estimate the force with which a karate master strikes a board, assuming the hand's speed at the moment of impact is 10.0 m / s} and decreases to 1.00 m /s during a 0.00200-s time interval of contact between the hand and the board. The mass of his hand and arm is 1.00Kg.

    Found on Page 384

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