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Matter & Interactions
Found in: Page 170

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Short Answer

Here are two examples of floating objects: (a) A block of wood 20 cm long by 10 cm wide by 6 cm high has a density of 0.7 g/cm3 and floats in water (whose density is 1.0 g/cm3). How far below the surface of water is the bottom of the block. Explain your reasoning?

The bottom of the block is 4.2 cm below the surface of water.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Identification of the given data

The given data is listed below as-

  • The dimensions of the wooden block are, 20cm×10cm×6cm
  • The density of the wood is, ρwood=0.7gcm3
  • The density of water is, ρwater=1gcm3

Step 2: Significance of the displacement of water

The displacement of water occurs when a wooden block floats on water. The mass of the water is equal to the displacement of water.

The concept of the displacement of water gives the depth of block.

Step 3: Determination of the depth of block

The equation of mass of the block is given by displacement of the water

The density is given by-

ρ=massVolumemass =ρ×Volume

Now, mass of water= mass of wood

mwater=mwood =ρwood.Vwood

For ρwood=0.7gcm3and

Vwood=0.20×0.10×0.06 =0.0012m3mwood=0.7×103kgm3×0.0012m3 =0.84 kg

Now, find the volume of water by density of water

role="math" localid="1658901709608" Vwater=mwaterρwater =0.84 kg1×103kgm3 =0.84×10-3m3

The displaced water takes the shape of the cube same as the shape of a block with an area,


The height is the depth of the block which is given by:

h=VwaterA =0.84×10-30.20×0.10 m =0.042 m =4.2 cm

Thus, the block is 4.2 cm below the surface of water .

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