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Chapter 9: Testing a Claim

The Practice of Statistics for AP
Pages: 527 - 600
The Practice of Statistics for AP

The Practice of Statistics for AP

Book edition 4th
Author(s) David Moore,Daren Starnes,Dan Yates
Pages 809 pages
ISBN 9781319113339

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158 Questions for Chapter 9: Testing a Claim

  1. The health director of a large company is concerned about the effects of stress on the company’s middle-aged male employees. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the mean systolic blood pressure for males 35 to 44 years of age is 128. The health director examines the medical records of a random sample of 72 male employees in this age group. The Minitab output below displays the results of a significance test and a confidence interval.

    Found on Page 577
  2. Losing weight A Gallup Poll found that 59% of the people in its sample said “Yes” when asked, “Would you like to lose weight?” Gallup announced: “For

    Found on Page 564
  3. Teens and sex The Gallup Youth Survey asked a random sample of U.S. teens aged 13 to 17 whether they thought that young people should wait to have sex until marriage.17 The Minitab output below shows the results of a significance test and a 95% confidence interval based on the survey data.

    Found on Page 564
  4. Reporting cheating What proportion of students

    Found on Page 564
  5. After once again losing a football game to the archrival, a college’s alumni association conducted a survey to see if alumni were in favor of firing the

    Found on Page 564
  6. An opinion poll asks a random sample of adults whether they favor banning ownership of handguns by private citizens. A commentator believes that more than half of all adults favor such a ban. The null and alternative hypotheses you would use to test this claim are

    Found on Page 597
  7. Simon reads a newspaper report claiming that 12% of all adults in the United States are left-handed. He wonders if 12% of the students at his large public high school are left-handed. Simon chooses an SRS of 100 students and records whether each student is right- or left-handed.

    Found on Page 546
  8. Stating hypotheses State the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses in each of the following cases.

    Found on Page 594
  9. Are TV commercials louder than their surrounding programs? To find out, researchers collected data on 50randomly selected commercials in a given week. With the television’s volume at a fixed setting, they measured the maximum loudness of each commercial and the maximum loudness in the first 30seconds of regular programming that followed. Assuming conditions for inference are met, the most appropriate method for answering the question of interest is

    Found on Page 598
  10. In planning a study of the birth weights of babies whose mothers did not see a

    Found on Page 546

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