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Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions

The Practice of Statistics for AP
Pages: 413 - 466
The Practice of Statistics for AP

The Practice of Statistics for AP

Book edition 4th
Author(s) David Moore,Daren Starnes,Dan Yates
Pages 809 pages
ISBN 9781319113339

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135 Questions for Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions

  1. AP2.25. Five cards, each with a different symbol, are shuffled and you choose one. If it is the diamond, you win $5.00. The cards are reshuffled after each draw. You must pay $1.00 for each selection. You continue to play until you select the diamond. Is this a fair game (that is, on averagewill you win the same amount as you lose)

    Found on Page 465
  2. AP2.23. There are four major blood types in humans: O,A,B, and AB. In a study conducted using blood specimens from the Blood Bank of Hawaii, individuals were classified according to blood type and ethnic group. The ethnic groups were Hawaiian, Hawaiian-White, HawaiianChinese, and White. Suppose that a blood bank specimen is selected at random.

    Found on Page 464
  3. Sale of eggs that are contaminated with salmonella can cause food poisoning in consumers. A large egg producer takes an SRS of 200eggs from all the eggs shipped in one day. The laboratory reports that9of these eggs had salmonella contamination. Unknown to the producer, 0.1%(one-tenth of 1%) of all eggs shipped had salmonella. Identify the population, the parameter, the sample, and the statist

    Found on Page 458
  4. Identify the population, the parameter, the sample, and the statistic in each setting.

    Found on Page 428
  5. A study of voting chose 663registered voters at random shortly after an election. Of these, 72%said they had voted in the election. Election records show that only56% of registered voters voted in the election. Which of the following statements is true about the boldface number

    Found on Page 459
  6. The five-number summary for a data set is given by Min=5, Q1=18, M=20, Q3=40, Max=75. If you wanted to construct a modified boxplot for the data set (that is, one that would show outliers, if any existed), what would be the maximum possible length of the right-side “whisker”? (a) 33(b)35(c) 45 (d) (e) 55

    Found on Page 461
  7. Tall girls According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the distribution of heights for 16-year-old females is modeled well by a Normal density curve with mean μ=64inches and standard deviation σ=2.5inches. To see if this distribution applies at their high school, an AP Statistics class takes an SRS of 20of the 30016-year-old females at the school and measures their heights. What values of the sample mean x would be consistent with the population distribution being N(64,2.5)? To find out, we used Fathom software to simulate choosing 250SRSs of size n=20students from a population that is N(64,2.5). The figure below is a dotplot of the sample mean height x of the student

    Found on Page 429
  8. Suppose that you are a student aide in the library and agree to be paid according to the “random pay” system. Each week, the librarian flips a coin. If the coin comes up heads, your pay for the week is $80. If it comes up tails, your pay for the week is $40. You work for the library for 100 weeks. Suppose we choose an SRS of 2 weeks and calculate your average earnings x. The shape of the sampling distribution of xwill be

    Found on Page 460
  9. Social scientists are interested in the association between the high school graduation rate (HSGR) and the percentage of U.S. families living in poverty (POV). Data were collected from all 50states and the District of Columbia, and a regression analysis was conducted. The resulting least-squares regression line is given by POV=59.2-0.620(HSGR) with r2=0.802. Based on the information, which of the following is the best interpretation for the slope of the least-squares regression line?

    Found on Page 462
  10. T7.11. Below are histograms of the values taken by three sample statistics in several hundred samples from the same population. The true value of the population parameter is marked with an arr

    Found on Page 462

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