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Chapter 1: Exploring Data

The Practice of Statistics for AP
Pages: 1 - 82
The Practice of Statistics for AP

The Practice of Statistics for AP

Book edition 4th
Author(s) David Moore,Daren Starnes,Dan Yates
Pages 809 pages
ISBN 9781319113339

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193 Questions for Chapter 1: Exploring Data

  1. Jake is a car buff who wants to find out more about the vehicles that students at his school drive. He gets permission to go to the student parking lot and record some data. Later, he does some research about each model of car on the Internet. Finally, Jake makes a spreadsheet that includes each car’s model, year, color, number of cylinders, gas mileage, weight, and whether it has a navigation system.

    Found on Page 5
  2. According to the Internet Movie Database, Avatar is tops based on box office sales worldwide. The following table displays data on several popular

    Found on Page 75
  3. How can we help wood surfaces resist weathering, especially when restoring historic wooden buildings? In a study of this question, researchers prepared wooden panels and then exposed them to the weather. Here are some of the variables recorded: type of wood (yellow poplar, pine, cedar); type of water repellent (solvent-based, water-based); paint thickness (millimeters); paint color (white, gray, light blue); weathering time (months).

    Found on Page 7
  4. Spam Email spam is the curse of the Internet. Here is a compilation of the most common types of spam:

    Found on Page 22
  5. Mercury in Tuna

    Found on Page 78
  6. A survey was designed to study how business operations vary according to their size. Companies were classified as small, medium, or large. Questionnaires were sent to 200 randomly selected businesses of each size. Since not all questionnaires in a survey of this type are returned, researchers decided to investigate the relationship between the response rate and the size of the business. The data are given in the following two-ways

    Found on Page 80
  7. The solutions also deals with the percentages of email spam and the email failing

    Found on Page 22
  8. C-sections Do male doctors perform more cesarean sections (C-sections) than female doctors? A study in Switzerland examined the number of cesarean sections (surgical deliveries of babies) performed in a 100. Section 1.3 Describing Quantitative Data with Numbers 73 year by samples of male and female doctors. Here are summary statistics for the two distributions:

    Found on Page 72
  9. The IQR Is the interquartile range a resistant measure of spread? Give an example of a small data set that supports your answer.

    Found on Page 73
  10. Which of the distributions shown has a larger standard deviation? Justify your answer.

    Found on Page 73

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