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Chapter 8: Estimating with Confidence

The Practice of Statistics for AP
Pages: 467 - 526
The Practice of Statistics for AP

The Practice of Statistics for AP

Book edition 4th
Author(s) David Moore,Daren Starnes,Dan Yates
Pages 809 pages
ISBN 9781319113339

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122 Questions for Chapter 8: Estimating with Confidence

  1. Conditions Martin says that the relative importance of the three conditions for performing inference is, in order from most to least important, Independent, Normal, and Random. Write a brief note to Martin explaining why he is incorrect.

    Found on Page 522
  2. The Gallup Poll interviews 1600people. Of these, 18%say that they jog regularly. The news report adds: "The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points at a 95%confidence level." You can safely conclude

    Found on Page 524
  3. Got shoes? How many pairs of shoes, on average, do female teens have? To find out, an AP Statistics class conducted a survey. They selected an SRS of 20female students from their school. Then they recorded the number of pairs of shoes that each student reported having. Here are the data:

    Found on Page 481
  4. It's about ME Explain how each of the following would affect the margin of error of a confidence interval, if all other things remained the same.

    Found on Page 523
  5. A Census Bureau report on the income of Americans says that with 90% confidence the median income of all U.S. households in a recent year was $57,005 with a margin of error of ±$742. This means that

    Found on Page 525
  6. How confident? The figure at top right shows the result of taking 25SRSs from a Normal population and constructing a confidence interval for each sample. Which confidence level—80%,90%,95%, or 99%—do you think was used? Explai

    Found on Page 482
  7. The U.S. Forest Service is considering additional restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed to enter Yellowstone National Park. To assess public reaction, the service asks a random sample of 150 visitors if they favour the proposal. Of these, 89 say “Yes.”

    Found on Page 525
  8. Prayer in school A New York Times/CBS News Poll asked the question, “Do you favor an amendment to the Constitution that would permit organized prayer in public schools?” Sixty-six percent of the sample answered “Yes.” The article describing the poll says that it “is based on telephone interviews conducted from Sept. 13 to Sept. 18 with 1664adults around the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. . . . The telephone numbers were formed by random digits, thus permitting access to both listed and unlisted residential numbers.” The article gives the margin of error for a 95%confidence level as 3percentage point

    Found on Page 482
  9. How much does the fat content of Brand Xhot dogs vary? To find out, researchers measured the fat content (in grams) of a random sample of 10Brand X hot dogs. A 95%confidence interval for the population standard deviation Sis 2.84to 7.55

    Found on Page 476
  10. To assess the accuracy of a laboratory scale, a standard weight known to weigh 10grams is weighed repeatedly. The scale readings are Normally distributed with unknown mean (this mean is 10grams if the scale has no bias). In previous studies, the standard deviation of the scale readings has been about 0.0002gram. How many measurements must be averaged to get a margin of error of 0.0001with 98% confidence? Show your w

    Found on Page 501

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