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Q. 3.1

The Practice of Statistics for AP
Found in: Page 644
The Practice of Statistics for AP

The Practice of Statistics for AP

Book edition 4th
Author(s) David Moore,Daren Starnes,Dan Yates
Pages 809 pages
ISBN 9781319113339

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Short Answer

How quickly do synthetic fabrics such as polyester decay in landfills? A researcher buried polyester strips in the soil for different lengths of time, then dug up the strips and measured the force required to break them. Breaking strength is easy to measure and is a good indicator of decay. Lower strength means the fabric has decayed. For one part of the study, the researcher buried 10strips of polyester fabric in well-drained soil in the summer. The strips were randomly assigned to two groups: 5of them were buried for 2weeks and the other 5were buried for 16weeks. Here are the breaking strengths in pounds

Do the data give good evidence that polyester decays more in 16weeks than in 2weeks? Carry out an appropriate test to help answer this question .

The confidence interval is (-0.7561,-0.5639)

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1: Given information

Given in the question that,


Step 2: Explanation

According to the given data



To construct the confidence interval, follow the procedures supplied by the Ti-83 calculator:

1. Click on STAT>TESTS>2 -SampTInt

2. Click on Stats and enter the provided data set.

3. Select Polled: No and calculate

4. Press ENTER

The output obtained is

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