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Introductory Statistics
Found in: Page 192
Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Book edition OER 2018
Author(s) Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean
Pages 902 pages
ISBN 9781938168208

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Short Answer

A school has 200 seniors of whom 140 will be going to college next year. Forty will be going directly to work. The remainder are taking a gap year. Fifty of the seniors going to college play sports. Thirty of the seniors going directly to work play sports. Five of the seniors taking a gap year play sports. What is the probability that a senior is going to college and plays sports?

Probability that senior goes to college & plays sports = 1 / 4

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1 : Given Information

Total 200 students

localid="1650302556929" 140going to college & 50 among these play sports ; 40 going to work & localid="1650302575847" 30 of these play sports

  • Remaining ie 200 - 140 - 40 = 20 taking a gap & 5 among them play sports

Step 2 : Formula & Numerical Solution 

Probability is the likelihood of an event, calculated as follow:

favorable outcomes / total outcomes

Probability that a senior is going to college and plays sports

=Seniors going to college & playing sports / total seniors=50 200=14

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