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Chapter 10: Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

Introductory Statistics
Pages: 567 - 620
Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Book edition OER 2018
Author(s) Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean
Pages 902 pages
ISBN 9781938168208

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168 Questions for Chapter 10: Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

  1. It is believed that 70%of males pass their drivers test in the first attempt, while 65%of females pass the test in the first attempt. Of interest is whether the proportions are in fact equal.

    Found on Page 596
  2. At Rachel’s 11th birthday party, eight girls were timed to see how long (in seconds) they could hold their breath in a

    Found on Page 600
  3. A new medicine is said to help improve sleep. Eight subjects are picked at random and given the medicine. The means

    Found on Page 596
  4. 100. We are interested in whether the proportions of female suicide victims for ages 15 to 24 are the same for the whites and the blacks races in the United States. We randomly pick one year, 1992, to compare the races. The number of suicides estimated in the United States in 1992 for white females is 4,930 . Five hundred eighty were aged 15 to 24 . The estimate for black females is 330 . Forty were aged 15 to 24 . We will let female suicide victims be our population.

    Found on Page 604
  5. 101. Elizabeth Mjelde, an art history professor, was interested in whether the value from the Golden Ratio formula, larger + smaller dimensionlarger dimensionwas the same in the Whitney Exhibit for works from 1900 to 1919 as for works from 1920 to 1942 . Thirty-seven early works were sampled, averaging 1.74 with a standard deviation of 0.11. Sixty-five of the later works were sampled, averaging 1.746 with a standard deviation of 0.1064. Do you think that there is a significant difference in the Golden Ratio calcul

    Found on Page 604
  6. Two samples are shown in Table 10.2. Both have normal distributions. The means for the two populations are thought to be the same. Is there a difference in the means? Test at the 5% level of significance.

    Found on Page 571
  7. A concerned group of citizens wanted to know if the proportion of forcible rapes in Texas was different in 2011

    Found on Page 584
  8. A study was conducted to investigate how effective a new diet was in lowering cholesterol. Results for the

    Found on Page 587
  9. A new prep class was designed to improve SAT test scores. Five students were selected at random. Their scores on two practice exams were recorded, one before the class and one after. The data recorded in the table given below. Are the scores, on average, higher after the class? Test at a 5%level.

    Found on Page 588
  10. Five ball players think they can throw the same distance with their dominant hand (throwing) and off-hand (catching hand). The data were collected and recorded in the table given below. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine whether the mean difference in distances between the dominant and off-hand is significant. Test at the 5%level.

    Found on Page 589

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