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Q. 105

Intermediate Algebra
Found in: Page 668
Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

Book edition OER 2017
Author(s) OPENSTAX
Pages 1346 pages
ISBN 9780998625720

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Short Answer

In the following exercises, (a) find the LCD for the given rational expressions (b) rewrite them as equivalent rational expressions with the lowest common denominator.


(a) The LCD is (3d-1)(d+5)(d-6).

(b) The expressions with LCD are 2(d-6)(3d-1)(d+5)(d-6),5d(d+5)(3d-1)(d-6)(d+5).

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Step by Step Solution

Part (a) Step 1. Given Information

The given expressions are 23d2+14d-5,5d3d2-19d+6.

Part (a) Step 2. Find LCD   

  • Factor the denominators of both the given rational expressions.


  • So, the LCD is (3d-1)(d+5)(d-6).

Part (b) Step 1. Given Information   

The given expressions are 23d2+14d-5,5d3d2-19d+6

Part (b) Step 2. Express the expressions with LCD   

  • Multiply and divide the expressions by the missing factor to make the denominator equal to LCD.


  • So, the expressions with equal denominators are role="math" localid="1645521296602" 2(d-6)(3d-1)(d+5)(d-6),5d(d+5)(3d-1)(d-6)(d+5).

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