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Found in: Page 9


Book edition Student Edition
Author(s) Ray C. Jurgensen, Richard G. Brown, John W. Jurgensen
Pages 227 pages
ISBN 9780395977279

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Short Answer

You can think of the ceiling and floor or a room as parts of horizontal planes. The walls are parts of vertical planes. Vertical planes are represented by figures like those shown in which two sides are vertical. A horizontal plane is represented by a figure like that shown, with two sides horizontal and no sides vertical.

Can two horizontal planes intersect?

No, the two horizontal cannot intersect.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Figure representing horizontal plane.

The diagram of the horizontal plane is:

Step 2. Observe the diagram shown below.

Draw the two horizontal planes.

Step 3. Determine whether the horizontal planes can intersect by considering the above figure.

From the above figure, it can be noticed that:

The two horizontal planes will always be parallel and they will have some distance between them.

As the two horizontal planes will be parallel, therefore, they will not intersect.

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