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Q. 36

Found in: Page 527


Book edition Student Edition
Author(s) Ray C. Jurgensen, Richard G. Brown, John W. Jurgensen
Pages 227 pages
ISBN 9780395977279

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Short Answer

In Exercises 35-38 find an equation of the circle described and sketch the graph.

The circle has center (-2, -4) and passes through point (3, 8).

The equation of the circle isx+22+y+42=169

The graph is:

See the step by step solution

Step by Step Solution

Step-1 – Given

Given that the circle has center = (-2, -4) and passes through the point (3, 8).

Step-2 – To determine

We have to find the equation of the circle and sketch the graph.

Step-3 – Calculation

We first find the length of the radius by finding the distance between (-2, -4) and (3, 8).


Here, center = (a, b) = (-2, -4) and radius = r = 13.

We plug them in the standard form of the equation of a circle:




So, the equation of the circle is x+22+y+42=169.

Step-4 – Graph

We will sketch the graph using a graphing utility.

Step 1: Press WINDOW button in order to access the Window editor.

Step 2: PressY= button.

Step 3: Enter the expression x+22+y+42=169 .

Step 4: Press GRAPH button to graph the function and then adjust the window.

The obtained graph is:

From the graph, we see that the center is (-2, -4) and the radius is 13.

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