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Compute the specified quantity. Round all answers to the nearest month, the nearest cent, or the nearest \(0.001 \%\), as appropriate. Simple Loans You take out a 6 -month, \(\$ 5,000\) loan at \(8 \%\) simple interest. How much would you owe at the end of the 6 months?

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The total amount owed at the end of the 6 months would be $5,400.
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Step 1: Write down the given information

We are given the following information: - Principal amount (P): $5,000 - Simple Interest rate (r): 8% (or 0.08 in decimal form) - Time period (t): 6 months Note that we need to convert the time period in years.

Step 2: Convert the time period to years

To convert the time period from months to years, we simply divide the given period (6 months) by the total number of months in a year (12 months). t (in years) = \(\frac{6}{12}\) t = 0.5 years

Step 3: Calculate the simple interest using the formula

To calculate the simple interest, we will use the formula: Simple Interest (SI) = P * r * t where P, r, and t are defined as mentioned in step 1. SI = \(5,000 * 0.08 * 0.5\) SI = \(400\) So, the simple interest after 6 months is $400.

Step 4: Calculate the total amount owed

To find out how much would be owed at the end of the 6 months, we will add the simple interest calculated in step 3 to the principal amount. Total Amount = Principal Amount + Simple Interest Total Amount = \(5,000 + 400\) Total Amount = $5,400 After 6 months, a total of $5,400 would be owed.

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