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Textbook Solutions for Elementary Statistics

Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics

Elementary Statistics

Book edition 13th
Author(s) Mario F. Triola
Pages 710 pages
ISBN 978-0134462455

Overview of Elementary Statistics

“Elementary statistics” is outlined with the recommendation of the American Statistical Association as per GAISE to cater to the exact course needs of students from different subjects. It is structured from basic to intermediate topics of statistics to enhance the critical thinking ability of students. 


The chapters incorporate a balance of theoretical and applicative concepts without demanding rigorous algebraic theories underlying them. The topics are explained through quintessential examples based on exciting real-world elements like drones, cyber security, etc.

 These are further learned to be analyzed based on tables and technology, where the use of software applications like Minitab, Excel, and Stat Crunch is explained alongside each topic of the chapter. The learnings from the chapters are further assessed using abundant problems based on varied assessment methodology like chapter reviews, technology projects, cooperative learnings, and so on. 


The thirteenth edition is modified with summarized versions of each chapter at the beginning, more extensive data set analyses, and a few new topics listed in detail in the Preface.

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