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Q. 50

Found in: Page 167


Book edition 1st
Author(s) Peter Kohn, Laura Taalman
Pages 1155 pages
ISBN 9781429241861

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Short Answer

Stuart left his house at noon and walked north on Pine Street for 20 minutes. At that point he realized he was late for an appointment at the dentist, whose office was located south of Stuart’s house on Pine Street; fearing he would be late, Stuart sprinted south on Pine Street, past his house, and on to the dentist’s office. When he got there, he found the office closed for lunch; he was 10 minutes early for his 12:40 appointment. Stuart waited at the office for 10 minutes and then found out that his appointment was actually for the next day, so he walked back to his house. Sketch a graph that describes Stuart’s position over time. Then sketch a graph that describes Stuart’s velocity over time.


Graph of the position of person S is given below:

Graph of the velocity function overtime is given below:

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Given information.

According to the given situation Sketch graph

1 > graph position over time

2 > graph velocity over time

Step 2. Consider a coordinate plane that has a position at the vertical axis and time at the horizontal axis.

The position of the person S at time t=0 is 0 . As the time increases the person S moves towards north for 20 minutes.

Consider the north direction indicates the position axis.

After 20 minutes, the person moves towards the south which is indicated by the negative direction.

Person S moves 10 minutes towards the south and rested for 10 minutes then moves towards the north.

Step 3. Sketch the graph of the position of the person with the help of the above description.

Step 4. Given situation for velocity.

Consider the person S moves towards the north with the constant with for 20 minutes. The speed in the direction of north is positive and the speed of person S in the direction of the south is negative.

Person S runs for 20 minutes with constant speed then runs 10 minutes in the direction of south which is considered as negative.

Graph the velocity function over time with the help of the above description.

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