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Algebra 2
Found in: Page 115
Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Book edition Middle English Edition
Author(s) Carter
Pages 804 pages
ISBN 9780079039903

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Short Answer

Write an algebraic expression to represent each verbal expression.

71. six less than the square of a number

The algebraic expression is x2-6.

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Step by Step Solution

Step-1 – Apply the concept of Verbal and Algebraic expression and Variable

The algebraic expression is obtained from verbal expression using mathematical operators like addition +, subtraction -, multiplication ×, division ÷ and many such more and variable.

In any expression or equation, the variable is an unknown quantity. It may be any alphabet or any special symbol.

Step-2 – Example for the variable

In the expression 4x+1, the unknown quantity is x. So, the variable in this expression is x. 4 and 1 are constants values.

Step-3 – Construct the Algebraic expression

Consider the provided verbal expression.

Six less than square of a number.

Let the number be x.

The mathematical operators corresponding to less is subtraction- and to square is multiplication ×.

Square of a number is translated as the number is multiplied itself twice

Express the verbal expression square of a number as x2.

Now, six is less than x2. The algebraic expression obtained is x2-6.

Hence, the algebraic expression is x2-6

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