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Algebra 2
Found in: Page 226
Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Book edition Middle English Edition
Author(s) Carter
Pages 804 pages
ISBN 9780079039903

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Short Answer

Alejandra and Kyle both simplified2a2b(2ab3)2 . Who is correct? Explain your reasoning.

Alejandra is correct.

See the step by step solution

Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Write down the given information.

The given expression is 2a2b(2ab3)2 which is solved by both Alejandra and Kyle.

Step 2. Explanation.

The given expression 2a2b(2ab3)2 is solved correctly by Alejandra and Kyle is not correct, because in first step Kyle wrote2a2b(2ab3)2=2a2b(2)2a(b3)2 instead of2a2b(2ab3)2=2a2b(2)2(a)2(b3)2 . Therefore, Kyle is incorrect because there should be(a)2 in place of(a) by using the concept of exponents of power property.

Hence, Alejandra is correct.

Step 3. Conclusion.

Alejandra is correct.

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