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Algebra 2
Found in: Page 164
Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Book edition Middle English Edition
Author(s) Carter
Pages 804 pages
ISBN 9780079039903

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Short Answer

Perform the indicated matrix operation. If the matrix doesn’t exist, write impossible.

23. 512012131+4234116058

The final matrix after performing the indicated matrix operations is


See the step by step solution

Step by Step Solution

Step 1 - Define the concept used

Matrix addition and scalar multiplication:

If A and B are two matrices of order m×n, then the addition of the two matrices will also yield a matrix of order m×n wherein each element is the sum of the corresponding elements.

The product of a scalar k and an m×n matrix is an m×n matrix in which each element equals k times the corresponding elements of the original matrix.

Step 2 - Perform the scalar multiplication first

Multiply each element in the first matrix 12012131 by 5 and multiply each element in the second matrix 234116058 by 4.


Step 3 - Add corresponding elements

Add corresponding elements of both the matrices 520510535+83423052and simplify.


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