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Algebra 1
Found in: Page 796
Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Book edition Student Edition
Author(s) Carter, Cuevas, Day, Holiday, Luchin
Pages 801 pages
ISBN 9780078884801

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Short Answer

The results of a simulation of coin flipping are shown.







What is the theoretical probability of heads?

The theoretical probability is 0.5.

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Step by Step Solution

Step 1. Define the meaning of simulation.

Simulations are used to perform experiments that would be difficult or impossible to perform in real life.

Step 2. Define the meaning of theoretical probability.

The theoretical probability describes how likely an event is to occur.

Theoretical probability =Total  favorable  outcomesTotal  possible  outcomes

Step 3. Determine the theoretical probability of heads.

Since, for a coin in a single throw there is only two possible outcomes either a head or a tail.


Total favorable outcomes for head =1

Total possible outcomes =2

To find the theoretical probability of heads, divide the total favorable outcomes of heads by the total possible outcomes.

So, the theoretical probability for heads is


Therefore, the theoretical probability is 0.5.

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