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Abstract Algebra: An Introduction
Found in: Page 437
Abstract Algebra: An Introduction

Abstract Algebra: An Introduction

Book edition 3rd
Author(s) Thomas W Hungerford, David Leep
Pages 608 pages
ISBN 9781111569624

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Short Answer

Find the decoding algorithm for the code in Exercise 3.

The required algorithm for decoding the code Cidmod 2773=Bi , for the received message in the block form C1C2C3C4...Cm, are given by B1B2B3B4...Bm.

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Step by Step Solution

Define RSA algorithm.

RSA algorithm is used to encode and decode messages. RSA algorithm is a public key cryptography algorithm. This form of the algorithm is asymmetric cryptographic algorithm and uses two different type of keys.

Determine the decoding algorithm

Take n=2773 and e=3 in the RSA algorithm.



Let, p=77 , q=59 and


Compute the value of d using 3d1mod 2663 .

Thus, d=888.

Now, compute the values Cidmod 2773=Bi, for the received message in the block form, C1C2C3C4...Cm.

The decoded messages are given by B1B2B3B4...Bm.

Thus is the required algorithm.

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