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Textbook Solutions for Microeconomics



Book edition 9th
Author(s) Robert S. Pindyck, Daniel L. Rubinfeld
Pages 734 pages
ISBN 978-0134184241

Overview of Microeconomics

“Microeconomics (Pearson Series in Economics, 9th Edition) by Robert Stephen Pyndick and Daniel Lee Rubinfeld” lays a solid foundation of microeconomic concepts ranging from supply and demand to market structure and strategies. The book also takes a glance at the microeconomic aspects in the light of external balancing factors like government and environment. The book follows an alternative course pattern from easy in the first half to slightly critical topics in the second half.

However, the book explains all the concepts in clear and crisp language. The content is fascinating and easy. The book does not advocate any complex explanation and use of calculus. The book focuses on the demand of the present era. It focuses on essential and highly demanded topics such as game theories and market strategies using the latest and real examples. The book provides the readers with more output with fewer efforts.

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