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Textbook Solutions for Principles of Modern Chemistry

Principles of Modern Chemistry

Overview of Principles of Modern Chemistry

Principles of Modern Chemistry by David W. Oxtoby, H.P. Gillis, Laurie J. Butler provides an understanding and interpretation of chemical events occurring at the molecular level for the honors and upper-mainstream general chemistry students. The eighth edition highlights the chemical computations and simulations' predictive performance. Moreover, several chapters in this edition also broaden the chemical concepts with revisions to basic ones. The molecular perspective emphasizes the primary role of the structure while focusing more on the electronic structure of molecules as a unifying topic.
The eighth edition has been developed with significant features like mathematical level, updated design and new illustrations and photographs, molecular art, worked examples, deeper look for chemical behavior, connections to other branches, substantial sampling of applications, chapter summary, cumulative exercises, concepts and skills, problems, and appendices.

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