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Textbook Solutions for Organic Chemistry (Mcmurry)

Organic Chemistry (Mcmurry)
Organic Chemistry (Mcmurry)

Organic Chemistry (Mcmurry)

Book edition 9th edition
Author(s) John E. McMurry
Pages 1512 pages
ISBN 9781305080485

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27 Chapters

1910 Solutions
  1. 10. Organohalides

    76 Solutions
  1. 31. Synthetic Polymers

    22 Solutions

Overview of Organic Chemistry (Mcmurry)

Organic Chemistry by John McMurry is a leading content provider that covers the requirement for students engagingly doing chemistry majors. It adds the basic concepts and new developments in analytical instruments. The ninth edition includes precise modifications inside each chapter. The scope of NMR spectroscopy discussions and the possibility of exploring mechanism challenges has greatly increased. The interpretation of mass spectra and NMR spectra are involved. The latest breakthroughs in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields or organic chemistry's biological application are the subject of the discussions.
As a result of user feedback, the text material in the ninth edition has been revised for greater accuracy. It also includes new sections like why this chapter, worked example, an overview of chapters, visualizing chemistry problems, new mechanism problems section, practice your scientific analysis and reasoning feature, something extra, keywords, summaries of concepts and mechanism.

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