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Textbook Solutions for Organic Chemistry (Bruice)

Organic Chemistry (Bruice)
Organic Chemistry (Bruice)

Organic Chemistry (Bruice)

Book edition 8th Edition
Author(s) Paula Yurkanis Bruice
Pages 1344 pages
ISBN 9780134042282

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26 Chapters

1390 Solutions
  1. 14. NMR Spectroscopy

    72 Solutions
  2. 27. Synthetic Polymers

    29 Solutions

Overview of Organic Chemistry (Bruice)

Organic Chemistry by Paula Yurkanis Bruice shows organic chemistry as an interesting and crucial science and tries to make it a fascinating field that affects everyday lives. The functional groups are organized in this book based on mechanical connections. The learner avoids memorizing lists of unrelated reactions by connecting the reactivity of a functional group and the synthesis of compounds. The eighth edition exposes the students to biochemistry, that is, the organic chemistry that occurs in biological systems and bridges the gap of bioorganic chemistry.
The eighth edition has incorporated additional features for consistent learning.“Organizing What We Know About Organic Chemistry” feature in this edition urges students to remember the underlying reasons for all organic reactions. Mastering chemistry includes additional online tutorials, and spectroscopy chapters are prepared so that they can be covered at any point during the course. Features like organic synthesis, problems, updated application boxes solved problems, essential skill tutorials, synthesis design, and problem-solving strategies are emphasized early and consistently.

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