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Textbook Solutions for Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Book edition 9th Edition
Author(s) Leroy G. Wade, Jan W. Simek
Pages 1383 pages
ISBN 9780321971371

Overview of Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry by Leroy G. Wade and Jan William Simek provides presentation and review strategies that are most effective for the students of chemistry and biochemistry majors. The ninth edition has expanded and refined the goals with significant rewriting and reorganization. It displays visual links between synthetically related functional groups that will assist students in mentally arranging different reactions they are learning, and specifically where those reactions fit into the larger framework of reaction types.
The ninth edition has been developed with significant features like expanded coverage of acids and bases, separation of substitution and elimination reactions, organic synthesis, and nomenclature. It also involves chapter-opening photographs and applications and also emphasizes green chemistry. A new Nomenclature Appendix is included in this edition, which serves as an easy overview of the regulations for naming organic compounds.

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