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Textbook Solutions for Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Book edition 5th
Author(s) Janice Gorzynski Smith
Pages 1256 pages
ISBN 9780078021558

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31 Chapters

1977 Solutions
  1. 2. Acids and Bases

    82 Solutions
  2. 4. Alkanes

    80 Solutions
  3. 5. Stereochemistry

    73 Solutions
  4. 10. Alkenes

    73 Solutions
  1. 11. Alkynes

    65 Solutions
  2. 15. Radical Reactions

    80 Solutions
  3. 25. Amines

    89 Solutions
  4. 28. Carbohydrates

    23 Solutions
  5. 31. Lipids

    25 Solutions

Overview of Organic Chemistry

“Organic Chemistry” covers all chemical phenomena with a wide range of relevant and exciting applications. It was published by McGraw-Hill Education and printed in the United States of America. The fifth edition includes the updated version of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) nomenclatures and chemical structures in regard to current guidelines.

Various reviewer feedbacks were implemented by including the latest materials. The design of mechanisms was updated in all chapters for better understanding. It also includes new chapters and new sample problems for more clarity on topics. Tools like illustrations, spectra, mechanisms, summaries, margin notes, and chapter-wise guides are provided for students and illustrators.

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