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Textbook Solutions for Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Book edition 5th Edition
Author(s) Dr. Janice Gorzynski Smith
Pages 1392 pages
ISBN 9780078021558

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15 Chapters

480 Solutions

Overview of Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry by Janice Gorzynski Smith covers all the requirements for the student pursuing chemistry majors and other fields and is published by McGraw-Hill Education. The text includes relevant and fascinating applications to highlight chemical phenomena and uses bulleted lists, solved problems, elaborate drawings, and summaries to convey the content in a student-friendly manner. The fifth edition incorporates an updated version of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) nomenclatures and chemical structures in terms of modern rules.
Many reviewers’ feedback was integrated, and for better comprehension, the design of mechanisms has been modified in all the chapters. It also includes updates on chemical structures, new chapters, and sample problems for more clarity on topics. Tools like micro-to-macro illustrations, colour presentation, spectra, mechanisms, summaries, margin notes, and chapter-wise guides are provided for students and teachers.

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