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Textbook Solutions for Chemistry (OpenStax)

Chemistry (OpenStax)
Chemistry (OpenStax)

Chemistry (OpenStax)

Book edition 1st edition
Author(s) Paul Flowers, Klaus Theopold, Richard Langley
Pages 1331 pages
ISBN 9781938168390

Overview of Chemistry (OpenStax)

Chemistry by Paul Flowers, Klaus Theopold, and Richard Langley is an OpenStax resource that covers and meets the two-semester general chemistry course's scope and sequence requirements nationally. It offers the students a valuable opportunity to master the fundamentals of chemistry and see how these concepts apply to their lives and the world around them. The text contains several cutting-edge components, such as interactive activities and real-world applications, for effective learning.
The first edition consists of features that will inspire students to engage in scientific investigation and discussions. Pedagogical foundation and features, comprehensive art program, interactives that engage, assessments that reinforce key concepts are some core features added in the attempt to make chemistry exciting and accessible to students as a discipline.

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